Why Search Engine Optimization is Important to Your Business

Optimization has many attributes, one of which is speed. How quickly the page loads on hand held devices as well and desktop or laptop computers is measured and implemented differently.  For the various devices it is important for the website user to have  a good experience.  Ease of navigation and how quickly the pages load are important for users to remain on the website and return again. Most people will navigate away if a page does not load within 2-3 seconds.

Speed Impacts Ranking SEO includes WordPress site optimization services since we recognize how speed is a ranking factor.  We take existing WordPress sites and optimize them so that they load more quickly and pass the search engine requirements that impact  site ranking. If you have a minute,  view the video below to learn why our Top Consulting Services is important for your online business success.


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How your website is configured and coded also matters

At we maintain our position as an industry leader by studying current standards and requirements. This allows us to offer the best services to our clients.