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Search engine optimization is an entirely new kind of business. Since it exists to serve websites in cyberspace and optimize their relationship to search engines in cyberspace you can live your whole life in Raleigh Durham and, if you never go online, you’ll never see any evidence of this multi-billion dollar industry. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. On the contrary. With more than 1 billion websites jockeying for position in Google’s search results SEO (as it’s called) is more often than not the arbiter of success in the digital world. If you want your company to have a fighting chance in the new economy you’ll enlist the services of a first-class Morrisville digital agency like Top Consulting Services.

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From our offices in Research Triangle Park in the Raleigh-Durham area we provide digital marketing services to local, national and international clients large and small. So whether you’re a furniture designer on Oberlin Road in Raleigh who wants to expand their client base or an NGO headquartered in Basel, Switzerland looking to get the word out about your cause we can help.

At Top Consulting Services online marketing agency we take a comprehensive approach to Internet marketing that revolves around SEO. We understand that unless you come to the Internet with an established name and following you’re going to have to carve out a niche of your own and the way to do that is to formulate a strategy that encompasses website design, optimized content, targeted keywords, quality links, clean website code, minimal loading time, social media integration and mobile friendliness, among other things.

The Future is on the Move

Unlike things such as building codes that change from location to location, our Morrisville SEO firm follows the same set of rules and best practices as Tokyo SEO with the goal being the same as well: getting your website to appear at or near the top of Google’s search results. You may wonder why we don’t mention Yahoo or Bing here. That’s because Google controls 92.3% of all search activity worldwide.

That said, just because optimization practices don’t change doesn’t mean the Internet is a static experience. In fact Big G recently sent out a memo to the world stating that going forward they would be giving preference to “mobile friendly” websites. As such if your site is not optimized for mobile users none of your other Internet marketing efforts will yield much by way of positive results. Fortunately, we can transform your PC-oriented site into one both Google and smartphone users will love.

Another key aspect of optimizing your website is social media. More than 1 billion people now have Facebook accounts. Any optimization strategy that doesn’t take social media marketing into consideration is not worth the binary code it’s composed of. Luckily, can help you here as well.

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