Free SSL

Background Information

On November 1st 2017, Google changed how it displays websites in Chrome. In 2018 other browsers will also do the same.

The intention is to protect customers by displaying a message when a website that collects personal information is secure or unsecure. The following is an example of what website visitors may see.

What we will do for you

Is your site secure?
Most web hosting companies charge from $49-$369 per year for an SSL certificate!
If your domain is hosted and registered on a service that we can secure then we will fix the issue for a one time investment of $97.

All we need is your login details so that we can secure your site immediately.

More about the security certificate and benefits of installing

SSL (secure socket layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This secure link ensures that all data transferred remains private. It’s also called TLS (Transport Layer Security). Millions of websites use SSL encryption every day to secure connections and keep their customer data safe from monitoring or tampering.

Some additional benefits of SSL:
1) Improves performance because pages can load faster
2) Higher search engine ranking
3) SSL increases visitor’s trust
4) Provides regulatory compliance.

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